Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Westpac Helicopter Visit

Today the Westpac helicopter visited our school. Jerome Kaino, the awesome All Black, also came in the helicopter. We sang the song, "You Can Count On Me" and the pilot and passengers listened to us. It was really cool when the wind from the chopper whipped around us!


  1. it was so awesome when the helicopter came to PVS! Joe
    Did you like meeting Jerome Kaino? Ben
    How much fun did you have?Peter
    Why did you enjoy it? Jeffrey

  2. thats a nice story.I like the amazing video.
    From Adrian and Caleb.

  3. How excited where you ! felix and ethan

  4. I like your video.Brian

  5. Who took it. Brian

  6. it must of been really windy when the helicopter landed.Amanda
    why do you think the helicopter came?Hayley
    Were you freaked out when the helicopter landed Kaitlyn
    what is your favorite sport game is it rugby? Amanda