Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life in Lebanon!

Since we have sent our Gruffalo's child off to Beirut in Lebanon, we decided to make some food from Lebanon. We are also learning about procedural writing so we thought it would be cool to write some instructions for how to make yummy hummus. It is made from chickpeas and tahini and lots of us had never heard of them. We thought that they smelt like peanut butter and cat food!

Mrs Rivett helped us to drain the chickpeas and then we added garlic and tahini. We blended up the mixture and then tasted it on some yummy garlic pita bread. Pita bread also comes from Lebanon and the Middle East so this was the perfect combination! Most of us really liked the taste. Yum!


  1. This comment is from Peter and Ben from room 30.
    Are you missing gruffalo j.r?

    That was a good sacrifice when you sent gruffalo j.r away.

    This is a good post because you explained well.

    1. thanks Ben and Peter! We are missing Gruffalo Jnr lots but we wanted him to travel so that we could learn about other places