Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Symmetry on PhotoPeach In maths, we are learning about how to move objects by flipping, sliding or rotating them. We found out that flipping is also called reflection. So today, we have been creating our own patterns in maths and getting our buddies to reflect the patterns. Then we took photos of them and this is the result! We are also starting our art for the exhibition in Term 4, looking at reflected patterns. Today we planned the artwork and experimented with making some with paper. We are starting our glitter tiles this week and are using the work of Reuben Paterson as our inspiration.


  1. Hi Mrs. Rivett's class! We really like your art. We like the way you made the leaves look beautiful. We have not learned about reflection and flipping in math yet. It looks fun! We have some new posts on our blog. We hope you visit us soon.

    Your friends in Texas,
    Mrs. Morgan's Superstars!

  2. Your art look really cool because the is the best art I have not seen.