Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Online Working Spaces

One of the most utilised space we have in our class is one which lies outside of the class walls - it is our wiki!

Click on the link and follow us as we develop this learning space together throughout the year!


  1. Oh you make me feel old! I get my head around teaching, I get my head around Twitter, I get my head around iMovie ... go to a young teachers blog and it's all on the wiki! I don't know if you use single function machines like calculators anymore, but I saw my first one at 15! I was excited about the square root button. You might like to use this comment to explore ancient history in what I am certain is a fabulous youthful class.

    Best wishes
    Mr E
    Hawes (Eng)

    1. Oh I find it wonderful that you think that I am a 'young' teacher! Noooooo, I just have a young mind and a young class which helps! Thanks for following us - we will do our best to keep you interested!